Why Foster? The Stats

The need for foster parents is real. The stats are heartbreaking. Every three minutes a child enters into foster care in the U.S. The number of children entering the system is growing rapidly while the number of available homes is shrinking. There are many reasons people say they could never foster: “I would get to attached”, “I could not give them back”, “Its to much work to be a foster parent”, and I have heard many more. But the stats don’t lie there are 400,000 reasons (children) why you should. Open your heart to a child in foster care, their need outweighs any of your fears. Check out this eye opening blog from Still Orphans.  

Still Orphans

There were over 400,000 children in the foster care system when the AFCARS collected their data in 2015.  Each year that number has increased.  The AFCARS data showed an increase of 30,000 children in foster care since 2011.  According to a 2016 article, some states and counties are experiencing shortages of foster parents, and the number of children in the system outweighs the number of available homes.  Some notable cases were Minnesota, California, and Massachusetts.

If you’re a numbers person, then you can look at it as 427, 910 reasons why foster parenting is important.  These kids didn’t choose neglectful or abusive parents; they didn’t choose to enter foster care.  If we also don’t choose to help, then we’re leaving a large number of children without support.

We get a glimpse of what happens when there’s no one to intervene for foster children by looking at the…

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