My Son’s Magical  Pajamas 

Most kids have a favorite toy or blanket they use to comfort them when they are upset or hurt. Stuffed animals and soft silky blankets can make all the wrongs of this world right again in the eyes of a child.  For my son it’s not a favorite toy or a blanket, it’s a pair of Disney’s Lightning McQueen pajamas. 

A few months before we moved one of his former preschool teachers, a friend of mine, stopped by my house for a visit with our wild man as she did from time to time.  She came baring gifts: toy trucks, balls, airplanes, shirts, and a few pairs of pajamas that had belonged to her boys but they had decided my boys could use them more.  My boys were in heaven.   

Up until that point wild man  never wore pajamas to bed.  He has many sensory issues and most days clothing and him don’t get along well. His wardrobe is limited very limited.  His teachers and I worked together to find clothes he could tolerate long enough for school. Usually his shoes and socks and even his shirt was off before we walk in the door of our home after school.  Weekends and evenings you could find him running around the house in a pull up only.  That is until he discovered his “magical pajamas” 

When Mrs Julie brought the boys their new treasures the boys were of course excited for the toys, my boys never get excited over clothes.  It wasn’t until later that evening when I was going through the clothes that wild man picked up the Disney Cars pj’s.  He held them up and looked at them and motioned for me to put them on him.  So I did.  He sat there feeling them, smelling them and hugging himself in them. And for the first time ever he went to bed and slept in pajamas.  The next day he came in from school ran to the dirty clothes and grabbed the pajamas out and put them on.  He has worn them everyday since.   As soon as he gets in from school his school clothes come off and his magical oh so comforting pajamas go on. 

The problem with wearing the same pajamas everyday is trying to keep them from wearing out.  Thankfully they were a little big for him when he got them so he has been able to wear then for a while. But a little while back I started to worry.  What happens if he out grows the pajamas?  What happens if they tear while he plays?  What happens if they simply wearout from being washed so often?   So I started looking for an extra pair or two in different sizes so he could have them as he grew.  That’s even I ran into a problem a big problem.  The pajamas had belonged to Mrs Julie’s son when he was small so they are about 8 years old.  They are no longer carried in stores.  So I started buying similar pj’s hoping they would work.  I’ve bought ones made from the same material, ones with Disney Cars characters,and ones that are the same color green……Nothing worked. Bad news for wild man but at least our younger boys are hooked up in the pajama department for years to come.  I don’t know what it is about these pajamas but they are the only ones he will wear.  So after a few months (and a few hundred dollars) of buying new pajamas I took to Facebook to enlisted the help of my friends on the search. Within a few hours I had several people looking for these pajamas.  I even sent an email to Disney asking if they had any that I was not looking for a hand out but that I was willing to pay for them if they had them.  They replied back with ” We are sorry but we no longer make these please follow the link to check out our new design”  I own the new design, it’s not what he needs.   I’ve looked in fabric shops for the material, I have a friend that said she could make him more if we could find it, no luck.  I checked Amazon and Esty no luck. Then I searched Ebay. And there I found….. one pair size 6.  So I bought them. I figure he could grow into them next year.  The real test would be would he wear them?  The day they came in I quickly washed them and took them to his room.  When he came in he ran up saw them and….. put them on!!!!  These are not from Mrs Julie but they are the same in every other way.  Why has he choose this particular pattern? This particular color? Who knows. But it’s what he likes. These pajamas give him a sense of security and comfort I can not explain. I am grateful that he has found that in something. I am grateful Mrs Julie gave them to him. I am thankful Ebay had one pair.  What will we do in a year or two when neither pair fit him? I honestly have no idea.  For now we will just wait and see what happens.  We adjust to what works for him. And for now it’s 8 year old Disney Cars  pajamas.

From our beautiful chaos to yours find and take comfort in the small things: an old shirt, the smell of a favorite perfume, wrap up in a blanket from a dear friend, or cuddle on the couch in your magical pajamas and just take in the joys of life. 

November 30 Things I am Thankful For

1. I am thankful for my children God has blessed me with

2. I am thankful for a hard working, God fearing husband that goes above and beyond to provide for his family

3. I am thankful for my parents who love me as I am and raised me to chase my dreams

4. I am thankful for my in laws who love me as their own

5. I am thankful my God gives us second, third and fourth chances in life

6. I am thankful for my brother and my amazing neice and nephew 

7. I am thankful for foster care, even though the system is broken sometimes

8. I am thankful for all the children who were placed in our home along our foster care to adoption journey. Everyone one of you ( 20 plus placements) have a forever piece of my heart.

9. I am thankful for adoption.  Our family has grown by five through this beautiful gift

10. I am thankful for great friends who understand our beautiful chaos 

11. I am thankful for our new home 

12. I am thankful for the simple but necessary things in life : water, food, shelter

13. I am thankful for my ever so large extended family: uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents 

14. I am thankful for early bedtimes and goodnight stories

15. I am thankful for the gift of today

16. I am thankful for growing up in the 80’s 

17. I am thankful for God’s promises to me 

18. I am thankful for our new church

19. I am thankful for those who accept our son (autism and all)

20. I am thankful for all of things that make us unique 

21. I am thankful for sunshine and rainbows

22. I am thankful for forhead kisses after a long day

23.  I am thankful for giggles and the occasional cry

24. I am thankful for phone calls and unexpected texts

25. I am thankful mountain air and ocean  breezes 

26. I am thankful I call pray whenever and wherever 

27. I am thankful for Sunday afternoon  football (GO PACK GO)

28. I am thankful for the kindness of strangers when I need another hand at the store to open the door

29. I am thankful to be an American 

30. I am thankful truly thankful for the life God has given to me.
What are you thankful for? 

It’s Not All Sunshine and Rainbows 

 Last night as I was feeding my baby girl I could not help but think of my oldest daughter when she was younger. As baby girl sat in her high chair discovering her new found favorite food (spaghetti) she was all smiles.  The spaghetti was covering everything from her face to her shirt. She was a hot mess but she was loving it and so was I.  When did I become that mom? 

When my oldest was her age that never would have happened.  She was my first child and I was young (19) and in my mind I had to prove I could be a great mom to all those that judged me.  Her hair was always in place and never would I have let her play with her food making such mess, after all no respectable mother would do that.  If she did happen to get food on her face and hands she was quickly cleaned up and her clothes changed. So why am I not that mom now?

I will tell you why.  Now I know that these moments will pass by all to quickly. It seems like only yesterday I was bringing our oldest home from the hospital when in fact she is now 21 and a senior in college. Life goes by so fast we need to enjoy the little things and that includes dirty spaghetti faces.  No one ever said life would be prefect or that it would not get messy.  It’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows some days are going to be stormy and messy. But that’s OK it’s part of life. I was a good mom then and I’m a good mom now, I’m just different.
One thing that annoys me about social media sites such as Facebook is all the fake illusions.  If you take time to look at other people’s pages you will see that   “life is alway prefect”  Meaning that every photo they post their kids are posed perfectly, their jobs are going great, they love their spouse, their kids love each other more than anything, ect. It’s enough to make some of us feel less than adequate.  I mean most days I’m over here cleaning dirt of of my son’s face, wanting to kill my husband for working over for the third night this week,  cleaning up bathrooms where my sons have “tried” to hit the toilet, dealing with my daughter who wants to argue her point on why the sky should be purple instead of blue,  and breaking up the latest of the sibling fist fights.  My life is far from perfect and seeing others lives so grand did at one time make me feel like a failure.  Don’t get me wrong I have been known to post the ever so sappy “I love my husband more than anything” post but I also show the not so get moments of life.  Like when one of my potty training three year olds told me he “had went number 2” all by himself and I got excited ran to the bathroom only to find his “gift” in my hallway floor.   Why?  Because my life is not perfect.  I don’t want other struggling moms to think they are alone.  Like I use to after reading my timeline.  We are all moms (and dads) trying our best. I don’t understand why we compare our situation with others but we do we always do.  I don’t want others to to see a fake me. What they see if what they get.  Twenty years ago I worried how others seen me and how they thought I was doing as a mom.  Now I don’t care. I know I’m a good mom. And thanks to my older two children I know that I will miss cleaning up dirty faces and messy handprints off the walls all to soon.  Thank you Sie and Bub. Thank you.

I am blessed God gave me a second chance to enjoy all the little things being a mom means.  I am more relaxed with my parenting style this go around (maybe because I am seriously out numbered lol). I love seeing my kids be kids.  Jumping in mud holes, food on their faces, and dirt on their hands. They are enjoying their lives and that makes me happy.  Our family photos do not have us all looking at the camera with big smiles instead my beautiful chaos is well…. chaos.  Kids are running around, someone is always crying, and the only person looking at the camera is normally me.  That to me is prefect.   

At church last Sunday our pastor talked about Faith and how our plan is not always God’s plan.  We may have our life planned out stage by stage but if it’s not part of God’s plan for us it will not workout the way we think it should.  I never planned on being a mom to seven kids but God did.  I never planned on having kids so far apart in age but God did.  I never planned on adopting five little loves or moving out of state but God did.  His plan for us is so much more than we could ever plan for ourselves. We must have faith and follow Him even if it seems life will get a little messy in our eyes.  He does not promise us sunshine everyday but He does promise to carry us through the storms.   

From our beautiful chaos to yours it’s okay if life gets messy from time to time. We are not perfect. Our happiness will come from how we handle all of life’s little messes.

I cheated today and I’m ok with it

I cheated today, no not on my husband, on my diet. One would think that having five Littles to ran after all day everyday would keep one in good shape. And I guess that should be the case but the sad truth is it doesn’t, not for me anyway. I have struggled with the way I look for years.  I know it’s a personal struggle but after years of mental and physical abuse for an ex  the words I heard over and over have made their lasting impression and it’s something I work on daily.  

Over the last few years I have gained a few extra pounds, okay more like 20, however in the last year it has really gotten to me. In this age of the social  media and selfies one starts to notice how they look in photos and this momma was not happy with what she saw.  I do chase the Littles all day long that is a fact, the problem is the way I eat and what I eat.  With five I find myself eating at odd hours in the day (and night) and let’s be honest it’s really easier, or at least faster, to grab a bag of salty chips as I am running out the door than it is to wash up and cut up fresh fruit.  And lets face it I’m not in my twenties anymore so what goes in finds a way to stick around. So I decided to **** Ugh go on a diet**** 

My weakness, Dr Pepper and doughnuts please don’t judge. I’m not much of a junk food eater but I love these two items way more than I should. However about two months ago I gave them both up in order to be healthier. I’ve been drinking only water and low calorie lemonade and not one doughnut has crossed my lips.  I have being doing great, the first few days my kids and husband would say different but now that I am past the caffeine headache withdrawals I can honestly say I was doing better, grouchy mom has left the building.   But today I failed. I failed big time at the drive thru.  I took my youngest three out for lunch and before I knew it I had ordered their chicken nugget meals and for myself…..a cheeseburger meal with Dr Pepper to drink. 😢 What was I thinking???   Truth is I wasn’t thinking. My darling boys were fighting over who farted the loudest, yes you read that correct I said farted the loudest.  What can I say life with boys is never dull, sometimes smelly but never dull.  The inside of my car smelled like a portapotty at a NASCAR race.  I was eager to roll my window down to order our food. And out of habit, or lack of oxygen to my brain, I ordered my old usual. That happens when your fanning the odor out of one’s car.  Now I was faced with the decision, eat and drink it and beat myself up over it later or throw perfectly good food away and my mom taught me not to waste food.  So guess what?? I ate it and it was wonderful.  Ok maybe not wonderful wonderful it was fast food after all, but it did make me do a happy dance.

The truth is, my kids don’t care if mommy is few pounds heavier and neither does my husband. So why should I worry so much?  They love me for me. When they look at me they only see a mom/ a wife that loves them, that always puts them first above anything else, that plays with them, that reads to them, that cooks for them, and that would do anything in the world for them.  I don’t want them to look back and say “Man all mom ever did was complain about how she looked” and I don’t want to set an example for them especially my girls that we have to look a certain way to be beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  It does not matter what I look like as long as I am healthy and able to do what I need to do for them. 

So I will not beat myself up tonight or tomorrow for cheating on my diet. I will take it as it is and start over again tomorrow.  What we had for lunch today will not matter 10 years from now but what I plant in my kids hearts will last a lifetime time.

From our beautiful chaos to yours it’s ok to not be perfect. We all fail at something, its how you get back up that counts.

Who am I?

In the beginning I was just a dream of my mother’s. Then I became a daughter, first born child, to my parent’s.They are truly like no other’s.

As a child I was a granddaughter, apple of their eyes, stay and play with me awhile, card playing, garden helper, and slumber night at grandpa and grandmas kind of gal. 

I am a big sister, though sometimes not the best but siblings argue from time to time I guess.

I am an aunt of two spunky teens, they make me smile oh how I miss seeing them it’s been quite awhile.

For awhile I was Dave’s wife, mother of two, then I became his ex-wife if people really only knew.

 I am a survivor of domestic violence. It took years to escape, I had it search within to figure out this was not my fate. 

But who am I?

I am a Christian. I love my Jesus, the hallelujah host, I am not perfect not even close, so thankful for the times God love me most.

I am a friend, been both a good one and a bad. I have been there for some at their weakest moments, yet lost some because I was to consumed with life events. 

I am now Todd’s wife, mother of seven. I really miss living in WV “almost heaven”

There I was wife, mom, foster mom, adoptive mom, and so much more. Here I feel a loneliness  like nothing before. 

I miss my foster group meetings and dinners with the family. I miss my best friend’s girls night outs and and surprised bags of peanut M&M candies.

Don’t get me wrong I love my kids, our new house and state, I just wish I was adjusting faster and could have an occasional husband date.

Here I am only mom and wife, and half the time I don’t feel I am even getting that right.

I am now a Tennessean, Mountaineer at heart, Packers are my Pro team after all I am smart. 

I still hate frogs and stormy nights, but love to held around bonfire lights.

I am a kisser of boo-boo’s, a taxi, and a toilet bowl cleaner, sometimes life maked me just a little meaner. 

I am who I am, I’m lucky and blessed sometimes though I wish I knew who “just me” was I guess.

Domestic Violence a Survivor’s Story….My Story

This is not my normal kid friendly post. So if your looking for a funny story about what the Littles have done today that will have to wait for a later time. Please feel free to stop reading now if you wish. If you do choose to continue I only ask that you keep all negative comments to yourself. It is not intended to bash or lay blame. That time has long gone.  This post is for personal healing in the hopes of continuing to move on from the past and moving forward in the direction God has laid out for me. 


*Domestic Violence happens to 1 out of 3 women.

*Every 9 minutes a call is made to 911 to report a domestic violence act

*1/3 of all homicides in WV are domestic violence related

*only 15% of all domestic violence acts are reported and out of those 15% not all are followed up with charges

*Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injury in women.

*Domestic Violence can happen to anyone of any race at any age but largely affects women ages 18 to 28.

* Most female victim’s are assaulted by their husband’s or their partners (boyfriends)/someone they know
Today marks what would have been my 20th wedding anniversary to my first husband. Which is why I choose today to share my story. I have thought about this day alot lately for many different reasons. And if I am being completely honest with myself, and you, I know I would not be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary today if I had stayed in that marriage. I know I would be dead by now. There’s no question in my mind.  This post is for celebrating life and continued healing even after all these years. This post is for me personally.  If no one reads it I’m ok with that. And if you do read it and are still friends with my ex that’s OK too, I am sure you have heard his version of what happened. This is not meant to down him or judge him. I am past all of that, have been for a while now. This is about me and how I survived some of the darkest years of my life. This is my side of our story. And if my story can help one person see she is worth it to get out of an abusive relationship then it was worth writing it down. 

My story starts out as so many do. I fell in love with a boy in high school and at 15 I knew we would be together forever. Puppy love they call it. He was charming and so handsome with his long black hair. I felt like the luckiest girl in town. He knew all the right words to say to make me feel like I was his one and only girl for him. He quickly became my everything. We shared a locker, we rode to school together, we had most of our classes together, he would wait for me outside my class to walk with me to the next class if he wasn’t in that class. We did everything together. Everything. My friends that had been with me since kindergarten stopped calling. They grew tired of the “I can’t tonight “he” wants me to come over”. I could not make him mad by going out with my friends, I mean what kind of girlfriend would I be if I did that? One part of domestic violence is the control the other person has over you. You don’t realize what’s going on until it’s to late and by the time you figure out what’s going on the physical abuse has started. I wish I had understood the red flags earlier. I wish I had seen the signs. But I was young. We were young.  I graduated high school and found out I was pregnant. College was placed on the back burner while I prepared for motherhood. Not the path I thought I would be taking straight out of high school but the path I was on.

I will say our first year as parents went fine. He graduated high school started going to college and got a job.  He spent as much time as possible with our daughter and I. Everything seemed perfect.  We were married in 1996. We had the full church wedding experience with our daughter as the flower girl, our parents,grandparents, extended family, church members and friends all in attendance to witness our special day.  I have looked back at those pictures and asked myself time and time again “What did I do wrong?” “Where did it fall apart?” The answer to those questions still allude me.

After our wedding we moved into our own place. And things start going down hill. We argued all the time over little things and not so little things and the occasional slap across the face would happen. It was quickly followed by “Baby I’m so sorry I will never do it again” I would say something like “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you” We would make up and things would be fine. But there was always a next time. 

In 1998 we welcomed our son into the world. That year was overwhelming. Our son was born with hirschsprung disease. He spent 9 out of his first 12 months in and out of the hospital.  He had several surgeries and many long hospital stays but he made it. Thank God he made it. Our daughter spent most of her time with my parents while we took shifts staying at the hospital. Stress and worry can cause things to go from bad to worse quickly. Add on not knowing if your son is going to live or die and your asking for a disaster to happen.

Skip forward a for years and we are still together but we are not happy. The fighting has escalated. By this time I had learned to hide things well. We were involved in a car accident in 2001 and if I told people I could not go out because my back was hurting no one questioned me. Yes my back did hurt alot, still does, but it was easier than admitting we had had another fight ending with me shoved into the wall or on the ground.  I was growing tired of the fighting and the emotional abuse was just as bad.  “You are worthless” “You would be nothing without me” “You think you can do better,try it I dare you” “You leave and you will never see the kids again” “No one would want you”  I was convinced all of these things were true. If you hear something long enough your mind starts to believe it, so does your heart. But I stayed. I stayed because I didn’t want my kids to grow up without a dad like he did. I remember how he hated that and how he didn’t want that for them. I stayed because we took our vows before our family and before God for better or worse till death do us part. I stayed because I loved his family they were my family now I didn’t want to lose them. I stayed because I knew that deep down in him somewhere the boy I fell in love with had to still be there.  I stayed because I didn’t know I had any other choice.

I remember the moment I knew things would never get better. The night everything changed.  In the last few years of our marriage he was not home much do to his “job”.  In fact there were time spans of weeks he would be gone. He would then show up out of nowhere for me to wash his clothes, eat, sleep,argue about bills or money and back out the door he would go. He was in control of it all even though he was not home. This particular night he came in and surprised me while I was in the kitchen. He immediately started in about dinner not being ready. I had no idea he was coming home and the kids and I had already eaten. We argued back and forth for a few minutes and then he took off down the stairs. I assumed he went back out the road so I continued cleaning up the kitchen.  I did not hear him come up behind me, but I did hear the sound of the gun trigger being pulled back. When I turned around my face met the barrel and his smile. That evil chilling smile. I pleaded with him begging him not to shoot me. I remember telling him our kids where just down the hall in their rooms. I remember trying to get my point across while trying to keep my voice down so the kids would not walk out of their rooms and see what was taking place. He just smiled. Tears ran down my face as I tried to reason with him, but it did not seem to matter. It was as if he was not there. Then out of nowhere he turned the gun towards himself and I again start pleading don’t do this. He argues “what does it matter?”  “What do you care?” My mind was racing and all I could think about was my two kids. Then I hear the click. And I scream. I scream and he laughs. The gun was empty. He smiles and calmly walks off. He gets in the truck and drives off.  I know right then the next time I might not be so lucky. I had to get out. 

It did take me a few more months to move out.  I had to find a place I could afford for the kids and I to stay and come up with the money for the deposit. Plus His grandmother was really sick.  She had been my grandmother and one of my best friend for years at this point, I literally talked to her two to three times a day. If I left and something happened to her I could not live with myself and I knew I would be blamed so I stayed. I was blamed anyway. He played mind games with me he knew I was unhappy and thinking about leaving. I don’t think he ever really thought I would do it though. He handed me divorce papers on several occasions telling me to go file but I refused, I couldn’t afford to. He told me if I wanted a divorce then I was going to be the one to file so the kids knew I was the bad guy breaking up the family, not him. Everytime I handed the divorce papers back to him he would just laugh. He knew he was still in control. But after his grandmother passed away in early February I moved out by the months end and filed for divorce. I could not put myself or my kids in danger any longer.  

The kids and I were settling in well in our new place by the time my birthday rolled around.  And for my birthday  he “gave me permission” to go out and have fun. He was taking our kids to an amusement park for the weekend.  Looking back I don’t know why I thought I needed his permission to go out but I did. Even though I was on my own he still had control over my every move. I went out had a great time with my friend her husband and a new guy friend.  Even though I had “permission” to go out and have a good time and we were already in the process of a divorce it did not go over well.  The next 24 hours changed both our lives forever.  An evening that I thought he was bringing our kids over to wish me happy birthday turned violent very violent. Opening the door was the worst mistake I have ever made. I thought he was sincerely apologizing for his behavior earlier on the phone that day. He used the kids to get to me again. He knew me weakness. As soon as he came through the door the fight of my life was on. At one point I was hanging over the banister and I remember him saying “I could drop you now and people would think you just fell going down the stairs””I could tell them I found you and I would be the hero” I am here today only by the grace of God. I heard God’s voice that night telling me He was with me and that I would make it. God stayed with me and kept me alive. 

The next morning my friend called and discovered what happened and drove me to the police department. I filed charges against him for the first time. Time it was said and done the total time he could have faced was 75 years. He of course did not do that,not even close. He took a plea deal. Because I had never filed charges against him until that point and he had no prior complaints he plead the charges down and only faced up to 5 years (he served only 2 and a half). But he served time for what he did. Maybe not as much as I would have liked but he was held accountable for his actions. 

The thing with domestic violence is you lose so much more than you realize. I lost myself worth, my family (on his moms side) my church family  (his family still goes to that church today), friends, my identity,my sense of safety,the way I feel about myself, ect. Yes counseling helps, sharing your story with others in the same situation helps, but there will always a part of me that will never be the same. You can’t be the same after something like this.  When something like this happens in a small town your going to hear both sides and the friendship lines are quickly drawn and sides are taken. It happens. God knows what really happened that night and all throughout our marriage.  People you thought would be supportive of you don’t even talk to you anymore while those you never thought cared are helping out daily. The emotional side of domestic violence is enough to bring the strongest to our knees.  It’s hard on you, your kids, and your family. It’s the worst thing I have ever gone through. Days, weeks,months and even years later I find myself walking in fear if I am out by myself. What if he comes up behind me? What would he do? What would he say?What if he comes up to the kids? What will they do or say? Certain songs or sounds make me nervous. I avoid certain foods because they were his favorites. The nightmares still wake me out of a sound sleep. The amount of control that it still has over me is scary sometimes. But I am making it day by day. 

Which brings me to this: Many people think I hate him. And truth be told I have tried,really tried, to hate him. And I did for awhile. But that’s not who I am. I forgave him a long time ago, not for him but for me. The amount of emotion it takes to hate someone and to fear someone can consume your life.  I didn’t want to live life like that. If I hate him then I hate part of who my older kids are. Without him I would not have them. And  if for nothing more than my kids I am grateful for the few times are marriage was not a complete mess. Maybe we married to young. Maybe we married because that’s what everyone expected us to do. I was not perfect ,he was not perfect which made our marriage not perfect. Maybe his job was to stressful, maybe we were forced to grow up to fast. Who knows. There are many unknowns as to why things turned out the way they did. But they did and we must learn from them and move on. And that’s exactly what I have done.  I have moved on and have a wonderful new husband and 7 amazing kids now.I have been given a second chance at happiness. I have my laugh back, my smile back, I have love back and I have my life back. He too has moved on and I wish him well with his new life. Everyone deserves to be happy. I do not wish what happened to me upon anyone but I choose not to be a victim. I AM A SURVIVOR.  I am a stronger person because of what I went though. I am proof that you are worth it. You can be happy. You can smile again. You can laugh again. You can love again. You just have to take that first step. 

Thank you to those that helped me get out you know who you are. I owe my happy ever after to you.

And if you are a victim of domestic violence get help. Call your local hot line or a family friend. There are several agencies out there that can help you make it out. Do it for you. You are worth it!